Imagine a dimension with no time limits, where history, fashion and art melt together. Try to play with your fantasy...
PATTERNON is a brand made up of the union of the words:
PATTERN (printing, scheme, model) + ON (operative, alive).

The name itself suggests the idea of giving life to the designer Juliana Daltin's prints, colors and imagination, by playing with matching patterns, colors and shapes through the creation of fashion accessories Made in Italy willing to support the craftsmanship.

Each piece of each product has a different print, in a specific placement, in different colors accurately assembled.

The designs of the “Classic” collection take inspiration from the decorative motifs of the textile, artistic and architectural tradition and are revisited in a contemporary perspective, while the “Capsule Collections” can be inspired by different worlds.

The collection is subdivided into different inspiration worlds, offering the possibility to have all products with a large range of colors and prints according each mood, personality and taste.

The products that come from PATTERNON are made of high-quality materials, natural/organic like 100% linen and real leather. Other trials also consider the use of different raw materials, as fine as silk, as traditional and functional as cotton, vegan leather, etc.

Juliana Daltin interprets through PATTERNON the creative act as a game, through which we can have fun and express ourselves freely. This is why collections offer items for all seasons, do not necessarily follow the "calendar" logic, as they can be permanent or limited edition, intended for people (men, women, children), pets, but also objects for the home or office...