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This notice contains the terms and legal conditions that govern the web site, PATTERNON.COM.

Users of PATTERNON.COM accept and agree to respect all the conditions included in this declaration.

If Users do not accept these terms, the company JU di Daltin Juliana reserves the right to ask the Users to refrain from using the PATTERNON.COM web site.

The access and the use of the web site PATTERNON.COM are for personal use only.

The visualization of the web site PATTERNON.COM provides Clients with product information and the possibility to purchase merchandise.

These general terms and conditions (hereinafter the “General Terms and Conditions”) govern the sale of products under the PATTERNON brand on the website PATTERNON.COM (hereinafter, the “Site”) between the selling company , JU di Daltin Juliana (hereinafter the “Seller”), registered with the Milan corporate register under number REA MI-2088462, with registered office at Via Federico Faruffini 31, Milano, Italia, Partita iva 06068950960, and customers purchasing PATTERNON products on the website.

The information contained in the order form is an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions. In sending the form, the user confirms to know and accept the General Terms and Conditions and any other information contained on the website www. PATTERNON.COM (the “Site”), including the terms and conditions of use and the privacy information regarding on-line purchases. Therefore, we recommend that you read them carefully.

Purchases of products or services on sites other than the Site, even where accessible via hypertext links on the website, are not governed by these General Terms and Conditions.


To place orders at PATTERNON.COM Clients must:

– Be an individual as defined as a “Final Customer”

– Be 18 years or older.

– Be eligible and competent to enter legally binding contracts.

– Have a valid POP e-mail address.

– Have a valid Credit Card: Visa, American Express, MasterCard or a Verified Paypal Account or a Bank account


In filling out the appropriate order form and sending it to the Seller per the instructions online, you offer to purchase the products from the Seller under the conditions established in the order proposal and in these General Terms and Conditions.

The contract is considered concluded only upon confirmation of acceptance of the order by the Seller, which will be sent to you electronically, to the e-mail address provided on the order form, along with a copy of these Terms and Conditions of Sale.

The Seller reserves the right to refuse orders received if:

  1. i) the order is placed by someone other than the person identified in Article 2;
  2. ii) the order is incomplete or has been completed incorrectly;

iii) the shipping address provided in the order is not located in one of the Countries to which the Seller delivers or is located in a Country other than that of the Site through which the order was placed;

  1. iv) the products ordered are no longer available; in this case we will notify you of our inability to accept the order as soon as possible and in any case within 30 days of the day after order placement.

The languages which may be used to conclude the contract are Italian and English.


The following methods of payment are accepted by PATTERNON.COM:


PATTERNON.COM welcomes payments from PayPal Accounts and reserves the right to process orders only if shipped to the same address that the verified Paypal account is registered with.


When Bank Wire Transfer is selected at the order confirmation as the method of payment, the customer will automatically receive an email confirming the account information for PATTERNON.COM. The merchandise will then be reserved for the order and shipped once the funds are deposited in PATTERNON’s bank account.

It is mandatory that the Client send a scan or fax of the bank transaction within 48 hours of confirming the order. Merchandise will be shipped once the funds have reached PATTERNON’s bank account.

If the scan or fax of the bank transaction is not received within 48 hours of the request, the order will be cancelled.

The merchandise will be shipped once PATTERNON has received the funds and the merchandise is available for shipment.


For Credit Card and Paypal payments PATTERNON.COM can request the Bank or Paypal to double check the transaction and the account information. This verification process will delay immediate shipping.

PATTERNON.COM also reserves the right to ship the order only to the Billing Address.


5.1 We consider the products ordered to be delivered to the customer when he acquires their physical possession or control

5.2 For this purpose, when you place your order, you grant us a mandate to conclude, on your behalf, the shipping contract for the delivery of the products ordered to the address you indicate.

5.3 If the courier is unable to deliver your product, even temporarily, due to the unavailability of the products ordered or for other reasons, we will inform you without delay, and in any case within 30 days of the day following order placement. In this case, we will not debit any amount from your credit/debit card and will immediately cancel the payment transaction initiated by you.

5.4 Final delivery to the location indicated by you is estimated at approximately 1-5 business days, except in cases of force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances and any other cause beyond the Seller’s control, in which case delivery will be automatically delayed by the number of days necessary.

5.5 We will send you a confirmation e-mail as soon as we transfer the merchandise to the courier. You will be able to monitor delivery by connecting to the courier’s website.

5.6 The courier will attempt to deliver the merchandise to the address specified by you, without making an appointment. If no one is present at the specified address, the courier will return the next business day, and the next, for a maximum of three visits, including the first. If no one is present on any of the three delivery attempts, the Seller may, at its exclusive discretion, decide whether to take back the shipped products, cancel the sale and refund the amounts paid, or contact you to define other forms of delivery.

5.7  Any customs charges in the destination country will be charged to the customer. Our Online Store ships worldwide with DHL and the shipping costs are already included in the final amount of your order. However, as an international courier for your order, DHL may present you with a separate invoice from local authorities for duties owed.

It is understood that the Seller cannot be held liable if it decides to cancel the sale because of your absence. If the package is not successfully delivered to the Client’s address due to a lack of cooperation from the client (wrong telephone number, wrong address, absent at address, non-compliance with import regulations) as per the PATTERNON.COM commercial agreement, the package may risk being sent back to Italy at the Client’s expense including any import fees that may be assessed upon re-entry to Italy. These fees will be deducted from any eventual reimbursement.


6.1 We remind you that if you purchased our product for a purpose outside of the course of your business or trade (i.e. as end consumer), you have the right to withdraw from the contract governed by these General Terms and Conditions within fourteen days of receipt of the products, with no penalty and no obligation to provide grounds for doing so. Products may be returned using the simple procedure described in in Article 6.3 below or via the procedure described by the Consumer Code, summarized below.

6.2 To use the procedure described by the Consumer Code, you:

(a) Communicate to us your will to withdraw from the contract by sending the withdrawal form attached to the confirmation of acceptance of order, duly filled in, or any other written notice of your clear will to exercise your right to withdraw to PATTERNON (at JU Design Studio), Via Rembrandt, 2, cap 20148, Milan, Italy. The notice must be delivered within fourteen business days of the date of receipt of the products

(b) Return – at your expenses – the products within a maximum of 14 days from the date of the communication, sending them to  PATTERNON (at JU Design Studio), Via Rembrandt, 2, cap 20148, Milan, Italy.

Returned products must be in the same condition in which they were received, with labels and cards intact, except for normal wear, and must be returned in their original packaging (the original packaging is an integral part of the product sold);

(c) We will not be responsible for refunding products sent by you but not received by us due to loss, theft or damage not attributable to us.

(d) We inform you that you have to bear the cost of returning the products.

(Consult the Consumer Code to learn more about your rights)

6.3 If you prefer, you can also exercise your right of withdrawal using the following procedure, which we have defined to offer you an easy service and with no risk of product loss during returns:

(a) Ensure that all products are in the same condition in which they were received and that they have not been used; remember that all cards must be attached to the products.

(b) Write us asking for the return form and the pre-filled label for the return..

(c) Prepare the package, inserting the return form and attaching the preprinted and prepaid DHL label to the original packaging. Be sure to cover the initial shipping address with the new label. This will ensure you will be refunded in the event of theft or loss during shipping

(d) Reserve package pickup: contact DHL by telephone or online, within 15 business days of the delivery date, to define the pickup date and address.

(e) If you chose the procedure pursuant to Article 6.3, we will withheld an amount equal to the double of the initial delivery costs from your refund as shipping costs of round and return.

In no way does this procedure limit the rights assigned to you by law. Therefore, you can also exercise your right of withdrawal under the conditions described in Article 6.2. Consider, however, that if you use our procedure, you can be certain of being reimbursed in the event of theft or loss during shipping to our warehouse.

6.4 If all of the conditions provided by art. 6.2 or art. 6.3 above are satisfied, you will receive an e-mail confirming acceptance of your return and we will refund the amounts paid deducting the delivery costs pursuant to Article 6.3(e) in any, within a maximum of 14 days from the date on which we are informed of your withdrawal. We remind you that we do not replace products, and that you can return your product using the procedure described in Article 6.3 only from the country in which the order was placed.

6.5 If this is not the case, or if one of the conditions above is not respected, we will notify you that the return has not been made correctly. If, in the meantime, the products have been returned to us, you can ask that they be returned to you, with shipping costs charged to you; otherwise, the returned products will remain with the Seller for three months, without you having the right to claim any amounts already paid. At the end of three months, the Seller may keep the merchandise which is the purpose of this contract, as a penalty, for failure on your part to take delivery.

6.6 The following products are not eligible for return:

  • Downloadable products where the download is started upon your explicit consent and acceptance of losing his right of withdrawal.

7.1 Protecting your data and respecting your privacy are a priority for us.

7.2 The means and purpose of the processing of your data are described in our Privacy Policy available here. In sending your order to the Seller, you state that you have read and accepted its contents.

7.3 In no case any material present on the website protected by intellectual property rights or copyright be used without Juliana Daltin’s prior written consent.

7.4 Contact us at: info@patternon.com in case of doubt, or should you have any questions regarding the way in which your data is processed or on the purpose of processing.


8.1 For information requests, complaints or suggestions, contact our customer service department at info@patternon.com, or write to PATTERNON (at JU Design Studio), Via Rembrandt, 2, cap 20148, Milan, Italy.


9.1 If any term or condition of this agreement is invalid, illegal, null or unenforceable under local law, said invalidity, illegality, nullity or unenforceability will not affect the other valid, legal, effective and enforceable terms or conditions, which remain valid and enforceable between the parties. To obtain results as close as possible to the original intent of the parties in the case of invalidity, illegality, nullity or unenforceability, the parties will negotiate in good faith on how to replace the misstatements, or in the event no agreement can be reached, the competent judge by law will decide.

9.2 The Seller reserves the right not to sell its products to certain specifically selected buyers, for example for purchases made by subjects who the Seller, at its own discretion, considers to be abusing or have abused the online sale services. The Seller reserves this right to prevent abuse and it will not be used to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, language, religion, political opinion, or personal or social conditions.

9.3 The buyer declares to have read the Customer Service section and the instructions and rules contained therein.


10.1 Once accepted by the Seller, the transaction which is the purpose of the order proposal constitutes a valid contract between the Seller and the buyer.

10.2 The Contract is governed by Italian law and the judge of the Milan court is competent to settle any controversy directly or indirectly related to the interpretation, execution and performance of the Contract and of the General Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise stated by applicable law.


The Site sells only products under the PATTERNON brand that meet our quality standards.

The main product characteristics are described in each product card. Remember, however, that the photographs and colours may differ from the product’s actual appearance for reasons related to the browser used or computer monitor. It is understood that in these cases, any dissimilarities cannot be considered a patent defect of the product ordered.